We are as disruptive as your business idea.

A shift in business outlook has become unavoidable in the current disruptive marketplace. Companies are no longer pursing only growth or revenue, they are increasingly seeking to create a sustainable business that can adapt to the ever-changing competitive business environment, dynamic economic scenarios, evolving technologies and newer regulatory compliances. 

We partner with businesses, to create an agile model and strategic multiple channels for organic growth.  

Investment Banking

Our investment advisers help companies / investors to raise capital, undertake M&A transactions, manage risks, create business synergies, and structure investment deals.

Financial Advisory

Our team advises clients on various financial subjects including debt re-structuring, M&A deal structuring, enterprise valuation, financial modeling, risk management, among other services.

Strategic Consulting

Our consultants and legal advisors enable our clients to take strategic business decisions, understand policy impact, create business critical documents and agreements.

India Entry

Our strategic market entry support to global companies planning to foray into India.


We provide strategic insights about market opportunities in India, along with advising businesses on how to create a disruptive distinction as they foray into the country. We enable companies to create and implement a holistic and sustainable strategy and execution plan – as per the growth vision of the organization to expand in the target market – while considering various risk factors and regulatory compliances.


About Us

We act as catalyst for change creators.



We collaborate with risk-takers, innovators, global enterprises and start-ups that are driving positive changes and solving critical challenges, creating sustainable business impetus. We create trust-based and transparent relationships with our clients, investors and community to help create a cohesive ecosystem benefitting everyone.

We do what is right, not what is trending to propel organizations that are “Built to Last”.

A journey inter-spreed with milestones.

We work across sectors providing disruptive solutions.

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