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About Us

Who We Are?

We partner with forward-thinking investors, global enterprises, and startups, driving positive change, solving critical challenges, and fostering sustainable business growth. Collaborating closely with our clients, investors, and community, we cultivate trust-based, transparent relationships, fostering a cohesive ecosystem for mutual benefit.

vision & mission

our vision & mission.


At Amros, we are guided by a commitment to integrity, client-centricity, innovation, growth, and sustainable impact.


Our mission at Amros is to consistently uphold the highest standards of integrity, prioritize the needs of our clients above all else, and lead with innovative solutions. Through our unwavering commitment to these principles, we aim to create positive, lasting impacts for our clients and society as a whole.

Our dedication to innovation propels us to continually evolve and enhance our offerings, ensuring they remain at the vanguard of industry standards.

By prioritizing quality and reliability, we aim to surpass expectations and deliver enduring, sustainable results for our clients.

Our team

Meet Our Core Team Members

Our team is guided by experts with more than 25 years of unparalleled industry experience in Investment Solution, Financial Advisory, Communication Strategy, Research and Marketing.

Roopa Gupta (Partner)

Roopa is a highly experienced professional with over 22 years of expertise in investment banking, research, and strategy. Throughout her career, she has consistently driven growth and generated increased revenue opportunities, notably in media, entertainment, and research organizations such as Reuters Media, Hewitt Associates, WNS, and Deloitte.

Asha Dey (Partner)

Asha driven by entrepreneurial ambitions, brings over two decades of expertise in strategy, research, and analysis across various media platforms, including print and online. Her professional journey has encompassed roles in public relations and research organizations such as Outlook Money and Corporate Executive Board (CEB, now Gartner).

Namita Sarda (VP)

Namita has more than 10 years of rich experience in high growth startups, hyper growth SAAS organization in the area of consultative sales, account management, SAAS sales and team management. She heads the M&A segment at Amros, along with working on various other investment solutions such as equity financing, debt financing and investor relations.

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