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Success Stories

A Journey Inter-Spread With Milestones.

At Amros Consulting, we work across organizations globally to provide them with comprehensive strategic insights and advisory, along with exploring the investment landscape for long-term sustenance in the current disruptive market.
In the recent past, we have partnered with several innovative businesses to provide strategic support and investment advisory.

Our Stories

Collaborating to Craft Success Narratives

Debt Refinancing

An Infrastructure company pursued refinancing options to secure lower interest rates and enhance cash flow.

Market Expansion

A US-based cybersecurity firm sought to expand into the Indian market to capitalize on the country’s growing cybersecurity needs.

Post-IPO Support

An NBFC company sought post-IPO support to ensure sustained success in the public markets.

Fund Raising

Amros assisted the consumer brand to successfully secure a syndicated loan facility.

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